Up, Up, Up & Away!

Intrepid Explorers Wanted

Venture up into the sky as one of our ‘Cloud Cadets’ with the help of  clumsy Captain Calamity and his able Apprentice, as we go ‘Up, Up, Up & Away’ on the adventure of a lifetime!

Can you help Calamity and his Apprentice as they set off in their big, blue hot air balloon on a phantasmagorical aeronautical adventure?!

There will be basketfuls of fun, and along the way we will learn to be courageous, creative & kind-hearted.

‘Up, Up, Up and Away!’ is an interactive, adventure story aimed at children from 2 – 8 years old & their families. With the wizardry of modern video communication, we will beam our story (using webs cams, green screens and lovingly hand-crafted puppets) into the safety of your living room.

Our aim is to ignite the imaginations of everyone watching (whatever age they may be!) and immerse our audience, giving them ways of interacting and participating with the adventure from the comfort of their own homes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a travel buddy and let’s go ‘Up, Up, Up and Away!’

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Tickets can be booked at the Creation Theatre website – Click here or call 01865 766266