Lanna Joffrey appearing as Martha in “Iron Mistress” for Headways, StoneCrabs Young Directors Festival

Ironmistress, starring Lanna Joffrey and Charlotte Duffy, by April de Angelis, directed by Katie-Ann McDonough. A night of games and storytelling that dredges up memories. Set in the industrialisation of the Victorian age we join Little Cog, and her mother Martha, the evening before her nuptials. DeAngelis closely examines and exposes the unique relationship shared between mother and daughter. She approaches the nuances of gender and power with a strongly poetic and deliberately theatrical style.

Produced by 8 emerging directors, Headways festival presents a kaleidoscopic collection of plays. Each director tells a story to remind us that no clear lines are drawn when it comes to the path that lies ahead. Through plays that reflect the dynamism of relationships and human emotion, they promise to make you laugh and cry, dealing in both horror and wonder, and exploring the multiple truths that are held in a single story.

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Iron Mistress