Anthony Simpson-Pike writes and directs ‘Camp’ part of Black Box Festival 2015

Anthony’s play, ‘Camp’, written and directed by himself, going on from Thursday 15th January to Saturday 17th January, as part of Etcetera Theatre’s Black Box festival 2015.

It is a fictional comedy-drama based on the true account of a gay-to-straight conversion camp.

“You feel good as you are. Fair enough. I won’t challenge that. A lot of people don’t. They sign in here. We don’t force them. And they feel understood. They feel themselves after years of lying. Why should you take that away?”

Evangelical Jessye from Springfield, Missouri is in charge of the first British outpost in Caerphilly. Scott is a Welshman struggling to cope with his hidden homosexuality. And Stuart is a Londoner whose cynicism about everything makes you wonder why he came. But all is not as it seems, and no one’s secrets can stay in the closet. Will the camp survive?

Jess Jones as Scott
Tom Scurr as Stuart
River Hawkins as Jessye


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